All American Energy

Location,City : United States / TULSA

Max Target : $ 25000.00

Equity on offer : 10 %

Min Target : $ 90,000,000

Equity on offer : 7 %

Industry :
Energy & Natural Resources

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

Website : Visit


The goal of the company is to provide skilled and knowledgeable compressor station facilities and
booster stations for the purpose of oil and gas transmission and processing by the operator(s) of the

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The Business

The company will product quality craftsmanship of compressor station facilities and pipeline according
to all PHMSA and OSHA requirements, while making sure all task are conducted to local, state, and
federal requirements.

The Market

The Target Market
The current market is being held primarily by out of state building and trades companies.
Our operations will allow for local building and trades to perform associated and respective task per
their crafts to conduct a product for respectable outcome.
Location Analysis
Our company holds several field offices to provide better communication and assisting of the company.
Our pricing approach will be approximately 20% to 30% profit margins.
Competitors of the industry attempt to achieve a 30% to 35% profit margin, however we chose to
remain respectable to our clients in lieu of additional projects.
Our marketing is done through various social media platforms and word of mouth.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

I will use my funds to purchase two already built up and running plants, as well as keep the owner' book of business.

Build a brand new plant, with brand new equipment. As well as find customers.

The Team


Jamie Pipkins
Will be in-charge of overall production being met by requested time frame of the
operators scope of work

John Pipkins Jr - President

John's Pipkins Jr will be in charge of talking to the customers as well as overseeing day to day operations.

Josef Ricketts - Vice President

Josef Ricketts will over see operation, as well as meeting new customers as well as taking care of existing customers.

Jennifer machowski - CFO

Jennifer Machowski will be in charge of the business finances as well as taxes.

Exit Strategy

If the business does not succeed I will sale the plants as well as all the equipment. }

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Looking For : Fund Raiser
Equity : 20%

I am looking for a private investor, who will be a silent partner until I pay them back in full plus the 20% interest.}

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