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Location,City : United Kingdom / London

Max Target : $ 500,000

Equity on offer : 30 %

Min Target : $ 150,000

Equity on offer : 6 %

Industry :

Investment Round :

Stage :
Generating sales

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Gunnga is a revolutionary platform which allows startup and entrepreneurs to connect and build relationships with investors before seeking investment.

Notable Achievements

  • Fully developed platform, designed and built from scratch. We spent over 2 years in development understanding the model from a technical point of view, the problems in the industry and solutions on how to solve them.
  • Generating significant revenue.
  • Mentioned in top publications as the next big thing for startups/ fund raising.
  • Thousands of registered users.
  • Deploying funds towards extensive digital marketing strategies, experimenting with different variations and eventually achieving high ROIs per marketing spend.

Pitch Video

The Business

The core idea behind Gunnga is to change the way entrepreneurs and start-ups connect with Angel investors. Most founders waste too much time trying to raise investment capital, and more often then not they fail. The main reason for this is that founders approach everyone and anyone looking for investment rather then focusing on specific investors and building relationships with them. Realising that building relationships with investors is one of the key factors to getting a deal done, the idea of Gunnga was born.

The aim is to build the worlds largest network for entrepreneurs and investors where they can interact exchange ideas, build relationships and gain investment.

Unlike other social networks, our platform is purpose built for one specific niche, for example, people don't go on LinkedIn or Facebook to find investors or to connect with entrepreneurs, Gunnga is the ideal place for these two groups who have a real need to connect with each other.

The Market

Shows like Shark Tank, Dragons Den and the Apprentice have brought business ownership to the forefront of popular culture. Entrepreneurs are the new Rockstars and even more appealing, is the idea of sitting on the other side of the table analysing businesses with the intention of investing your own money into the next big startup.

There are more entrepreneurs and startups today then ever before. We are living in the golden age of innovation, ingenuity and creativity. The internet has made it easier for anyone to bring their ideas to life and create an enterprise in the pursuit of financial freedom. There are countless youtube tutorials on how to start a business, how to make money online and motivational videos gaining huge popularity, this suggests this industry is in a huge upward trend.

Here are some statistics on startup businesses;

- 16% of all new businesses are now started by someone under the age of 35.

- 69% of US entrepreneurs start their business from home.

- Having two founders, rather than one, significantly increases your odds of success as you’ll:
* Raise 30 percent more money
* Have almost 3X the user growth, and
* Are 19 percent less likely to scale prematurely.

- 82 percent of businesses that fail do so because of cash flow problems.

- 27 percent of businesses surveyed by the NSBA claimed that they weren’t able to receive the funding they needed.

There is also more money being invested in startups then ever before. Investing in startups has become the new status symbol and the pursuit of finding the next Uber, instagram or airbnb has become an attractive venture.

"If you can't invent the future, the next best thing is to fund it" - John Doerr, Venture capitalist.

Here are some impressive statistics on startup funding. (Figures based on US only)

- From 2003 to 2011, an average of 157 new VC funds were raised each year. But from 2012 onward, that average rose to 223, or an impressive 42% increase.

- Since 2011, a whopping 60% of all funds raised every year have been seed funds (compared to less than 30% a decade ago).

- In the past 15 years, the amount of money invested by US-based VC firms into startups grew more than 4x to almost $85 billion dollars last year.

- Since 2011, the average number of seed deals per year (4,300) is now about equal to the average number of non seed deals per year (4,500).

- On average, there are more than 7x the number of billion dollar exits now than a decade ago.

In summary, Additional capital attracts more entrepreneurs who may not have started a company a decade ago. These entrepreneurs can pursue even more diverse and bold ideas that may not have been tried in a previous era. All this extra activity at the early stage may have crowded the investing funnel. But it’s also led to the companies that make it all the way through being some of the best ever.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

If maximum target achieved, we will use the funds towards maximising our marketing campaigns reaching a global audience and building a strong brand presence through PR and influencers.

If minimum target achieved, we will focus our marketing efforts in certain regions around the US and Europe efficiently.

The Team

Gunnga -

The founder of Gunnga has been in the start-up investment eco-system for around 6 years. Dealing with countless VC's, angel investors and entrepreneurs and has raised startup funding for a previous business from over 80 private investors.

Exit Strategy

Our aim is to develop this business and then eventually exit through an acquisition. We know businesses in our field have exited in the $100 million+ range and we believe we have a superior business model capable of dominating market-share in this industry.

Make an offer

Join our team

Looking For : SEO Specialist
Equity : 5%

We are looking for a SEO specialist with a proven track record in SEO rankings. You must be able to work on your own and deliver regular reports and updates on progress. We are looking for someone who has extensive knowledge in SEO and content marketing, and is able to achieve our targets in google organic search results.

We are offering 5% equity in Gunnga in exchange for this service. Please note this is not a paid job, the successful candidate will be part of the Gunnga team with a 5% ownership in the company.