EG Games

Location,City : Canada / Port Coquitlam

Max Target : $ 55000

Equity on offer : 49 %

Min Target : $ 11000

Equity on offer : 10 %

Industry :
Entertainment & leisure

Investment Round :
Early stage

Stage :

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EG Games (EGG) develops video games with an emphasis on cannabis related story-telling and gameplay.

Pitch Video

The Business

Our first project is based on an award winning story created by our lead writer/designer, Bruce Lee. This is a passion project that has evolved over the years. The script is a comedic cannabis infused story which will serve as the blueprint for EGG’s first venture into the gaming industry.

The coding and writing is nearing completion, and the award for the story proves the concept. This saves the company an enormous amount of time on this project.

The Market

It is well known that both cannabis and gaming are rapidly expanding multi-billion dollar industries. Top gaming companies generate hundreds of millions in revenue a year with a player-base in the millions, and consistently break sales figure records. Canada is at the forefront of these industries with legalized cannabis, and more video games being made than anywhere else in the world.

EGG does not intend to initially compete with top gaming companies, but instead aims to be the company that begins a new gaming genre trend that blends cannabis culture into video games. We hope to initially capture a player-base in the tens of thousands using a simple unique marketing strategy. In order to be profitable, our first game needs to sell an estimated 5,000 copies. Considering our small foot in this vast industry, this sales target is relatively small compared to EGG’s potential.

Other cannabis related games already in the market are largely solo projects on shoestring budgets. Nobody has tried to establish themselves as solely a cannabis games company on a larger scale. EGG's ultimate goal is to be known as the company that starts the cannabis gaming craze.

Objective/Future (Use of funds)

$55,000 (CAD)

Funds are used for the entirety of our first project, including; development, completion, and release.

$11,000 (CAD)

Funds are used for artwork, marketing, and kick-starting a crowdfunding campaign in order to fund the completion of the project.

The Team

Bruce Lee - Writer/programmer/lead designer

Bruce has been an avid gamer since childhood, and knows the industry intimately. He is an award recognized writer, and overall creative extraordinaire behind EGG’s first project. He currently works part-time for Dignity/SCI in funeral service.

Exit Strategy

If EGG achieves its ultimate goal we would expect to be acquired by a major gaming company.

On the opposite end: If sales targets are not met, the company will put any new projects on hold and our games heavily discounted until lenders (if any) are repaid. This may also prove to be a last-resort strategy as games can remain in digital stores for many years generating dwindling sales.

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