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Gunnga is a global network which means you can start
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Entrepreneurs can connect with Investors.

Entrepreneurs can connect with Entrepreneurs.

Investors can connect with Investors.

Investors can connect with Entrepreneurs.

Grow and build a powerful network of like-minded people.

Create a listing.

Campaign Listing: Create a campaign listing for your business or startup, investors are able to make you a direct offer for an amount and equity value which is suitable for them.

Fund listing: Institutional investors are able to create a listing for a fund or accelerator and manage all applications through our platform.

Find a Co-founder: Looking for someone to join your amazing team? Create a listing and find your next Co-founder on the Gunnga platform.

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You can post updates and notable achievements on your timeline and engage with everyone in your network at the same time.

We offer 100% reach to your network when you post something.

Build your team or Join a startup.

One of the biggest factors investors look at before investing is, the strength of your team.

For this reason, we highly recommend building a strong team before seeking investment. And we don’t mean hiring an expert, we mean having them part of your team as an equity owner.

So, whether you’re looking for a co-founder, SEO specialist, tech expert, find them on the Gunnga platform. If you are one of these experts, register as an Entrepreneur and find a Start-up to join that suits you.

Gunnga is ideal for investors.

We put the power in the hands of investors.

Our user freindly platform is ideal for investors to list their fund, connect with Entreprenuers, make offers, and manage applications.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Any Questions?
We are here to help.
What is an angel investor?
Angel investors are individuals who invest in early stage, startups or growth businesses.
What is the difference between investors and Angel investors?
A typical investor can invest in many different types of instruments, for example, commodities, stock market, properties etc. An Angel investor usually refers to someone who invests only in businesses.
How much do Angel investors tend to invest in a start up?
This varies depending on the startup, it can range anywhere between $20,000 to $500,000 +
What is an angel group?
An Angel group is a group of individuals who meet up on a regular basis and combine their money to invest in companies selected by the group.
Do angel investors invest in small businesses?
Majority of Angel investments are made into early stage and startup businesses. This is not the same as a small business. For example, a hairdresser could be a small business but has been established for many years.
Where can I find Angel investors?
Generally, it is not easy to find or get in touch with Angel investors, however Gunnga makes it easy to find Angel investors for free.
What investment criteria do Angel investors look for?
There are many factors involved before investors decide to invest. Generally having a strong team of founders is a big deciding factor.
What’s the difference between raising investment and taking a loan?
Taking a loan means you are not giving up any equity in the business, and the money must be paid back. Raising investment means the investor is taking the risk, you don’t have to pay back the money however you give up a percentage of your business.
What’s the difference between Angel investors and Venture capital?
Venture capitalists generally manage money on behalf of wealthy individuals called a ‘Fund’, they take this money and invest it into startups and growth businesses. An Angel investors typically invests alone and has more involvement in the business.